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The perfect wedding present - a personalized painting of a precious moment that will be cherished forever!


Trish is available to paint in person at your wedding ceremony, reception, reunion, or other events to paint as entertainment. She can also be present at your event to take photos which will be used later to create a painting in her studio. Or - the client can furnish photos to be used as references for a painting.  Paintings are usually 14" x 18", but a different size may be requested.  

Alex's and Erik's wedding reception.png

Alex and Erik, wedding reception at a private residence, Jacksonville, Florida

Faded Hipster Feel Fall Photo Collage.png

Alex receiving her gift from her parents


Stephen and Gabrielle, wedding  ceremony at Tyrol Basin Ski Lodge, Madison, Wisconsin  


David and Julia, wedding reception at St. Petersburg Museum of Art, St. Petersburg, Florida

Lorena Charlie Wedding.png

Lorena and Charlie, wedding reception, Blackstone Vineyards, Richmond, Virginia 

Tanner and Breanna.jpg
Tanner and Breanna, wedding party,         Charleston, South Carolina
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